A Video package begins to play highlighting all the best times in John "Strangler" Rowe and Stephanie’s relationship. After the video package the camera rests on the announcers Mike Teney and Taz.

Mike Teney : Next up ladies and Gentlemen is the wedding of our Vice President John "Strangler" Rowe and Stephaine McMahon, I'm sure this is going to be a lovely wedding don't you think king?

Taz: I think that this is a travesty Mike Teney. These two figures aren't supposed to get married, they are supposed to be neck and neck, that’s the way I like it.

Mike Teney: Well anyway, they are setting up the ring now. But Taz if they love each other how are we to stop them?

Taz: Let me count the ways…

Mike Teney: Oh Taz stop it.

Before Taz can say another word John "Strangler" Rowe music hits throughout the arena and the fans go wild as the one and only John "Strangler" Rowe makes his way down to the ring playing to the crowd.

Taz: Look see what I'm saying Mike Teney. Remember they don't call him Strangler for nothing, I can guarantee that this marriage won't last very long, because believe me Mike Teney. he is going to break her heart.

Mike Teney: Well we will see won't we Taz.

John "Strangler" Rowe is walking up the stair and goes over and shakes the minister’s hand then stands and waits for his bride…. The music stops and the band begins to play the wedding march as Stephaine McMahon makes her way out onto the ramp. She slowly walks down, up the stairs and into the ring.

Mike Teney: She sure makes a beautiful bride doesn't she?

taz: She looks like a slut.

Mike Teney: You know Taz one day someone is going to knock out. right off your head. And you should watch yourself remember you are talking about your boss.

Stephaine is standing on the opposite side of the microphone stand and the minister begins the service.

Minister: We are here today to join John "Strangler" Rowe and Stephaine McMahon in holy matrimony do you have….

The lights go down in the arena and on the screen we see Danny Richmond and Danny Michaels Walk down as Danny Michaels music begins to blare over the speakers as he makes his way to ringside also wearing a Tuxedo.

The look on Stephaine's face is of pure shock. They walk up the stairs and speaks into the mic. Danny Richmond: Now Stephaine I thought that John "Strangler" Rowe needed a best man so here I am Along with Danny Michaels.

John "Strangler" Rowe shakes Danny Richmond and Danny Michaels hand, Stephaine gets a more relieved look on her face as Danny Richmond and Danny Michaels stands behind John "Strangler" Rowe as the Minister continues the ceremony.

Minister: Before we continue if anyone has any objections to this marriage please speak now or forever hold your peace. He wait’s a few seconds then begins again.

Minister: Now John ….

All of a sudden Fyre's Music hits as Angel and Her make their way down to the ring wearing a really expensive looking dress, she has a mic in her hand and begins to talk.

Fyre: No I know this is a private wedding but if you are going to get married you need a maid of honor so I decided to fill that role.

They continue walking until They are standing behind Stephaine. The Reverend begins where he left off.

Minister: Now where was I? Oh of course John "Strangler" Rowe if you have the ring would place it on Stephaine’s finger?

John does as he is told.

Minister: Now repeat after me. I John "Strangler" Rowe.

John "Strangler" Rowe: I John "Strangler" Rowe.

Minister: Hereby vow to be at you side for richer or for poorer.

John "Strangler" Rowe: Hereby vow to be at you side for richer or for poorer.

Minister: In sickness and in health.

John "Strangler" Rowe: In sickness and in health.

Minister: Till death do us part.

John "Strangler" Rowe: Till death do us part.

Minister: Now Stephaine if you would place the ring on John’s finger and repeat after me.

Stephaine does as she is told as well.

Minister: I Stephaine McMahon.

Stephaine: I Stephaine McMahon.

Minister: Hereby vow to be at you side for richer or for poorer.

Stephaine: Hereby vow to be at you side for richer or for poorer.

Minister: In sickness and in health.

Stephaine: In sickness and in health.

Minister: Till death do us part.

Stephaine: Till death do us part.

Minister: Now John do you take Stephaine to be your lawfully wedded wife?

John "Strangler" Rowe: I do.

Minister: Stephaine do you take John to be your lawfully wedded Husband?

Stephaine: I do.

Minister: Then with the power vested in me I hereby pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.

John and Stephaine move closer and share a passionate kiss in front of the sold out crowd in Jacksonville Florida. Danny Richmond, Fyre, Danny Michaels and Angel are standing back clapping for them.

Taz: I don't believe this Mike Teney. they actually went through with it.

Mike Teney: Not everyone is as selfish as you are Taz.

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