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--Hosted by Rod Moore ( ) to be a special guest on TNA Spotlight with in 2 weeks ahead of time)

--5'7 185 lbs Charlotte, NC

--Romantically involved currently w/ Stacy Keibler-Moore (Married)

--TNA Staff Member

--TNA interviewer: (IMPACT/XPLOSION/PPV's)

--TNA Ring Annoucer (Only for Part-time)

--TNA PPV Pregame show host

--Former host of TNA LiveWire, TNA Experience (W/ Stormy)

--2007 TNA Hall of Fame Class

--Executive Producer of TNA Spotlight

--Writer and Director of TNA Spotlight Home Studios: Universal Studios in Orlando, FLA

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TNA HD Promo hits; An graphic display hits welcoming us to TNA Spotlight HD on My Network TVHD. Where we go live inside the TNA Studios in Orlando, FL. Where we focus on Rod Moore.--

Rod: Welcome fans to a special edition here on TNA Spotlight and I'm Rod Moore On Wed April 15,2009. I hope you enjoy your Easter Weekend that's right that TNA XPLOSION was not on the Air due to the hoilday weekend but XPLOSION will be back on the air, this Monday from the Taco Bell Arena in Boise, ID what a main Event match it was annouce on Saturday Morning on The Jeremy Boarsh Radio show a preview towards April Choas Matt Roberts (X Divison and IC Champion) and Edge V. Shane McMahon and Prototype (Undisputed Champion) so this match if you ask me one of the most important ones of them all.

Rod: Last week I say I have a major annoucements with no delay TNA Spotlight is not only on HD but breaking a new record with new TV ratings during the entire month of March and 2 weeks from Thursday April 30,2009 Celebrating 300 show, that is special to me, being on this show hosted for 300 shows that is hot , whatever u wanna to called it. Thanks for the love and support from you the fans, with out you nothing will be possible.

Rod: We will be right back with a Exclsive match of the night presented by Burger King to have it your way.

--Commerical Break.--

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**April Choas PPV PROMO**

--The scene goes into the Universal Studios (IMPACT zone) in Orlando, FL while Rod Moore and Tazz are calling the action inside the studios.--

(bell rings)

Justin Roberts: This contest its set for one fall, and its for the TNA Knockouts Championship. On her way to the ring at this time being accompained by Gangsta Steve From Los Angeles, CA (Crowd cheers***)

["Party Like a Rockstar" by ShopBoyz hits as Nikky Foxx walking down the isle and steps into the ring.]

Jusin Roberts: And her oppoment, From Montreal, QB, Canada. She is the TNA Knockouts Champion, Maryse (Crowd boos****)

["ooh Oui" hits as Maryse enters the ring.]

[Rudy Charles is checking the boots of Nikky. Maryse is testing the ropes (bell rings). Nikky pokes Maryse in the eyes. Nikky drop Maryse with a Gorllia Press Slam to the mat. Maryse is getting up. Maryse places Nikky on the top turnbuckle to exected a front lay-out suplex to the mat. Maryse knee drop on Nikky's face.]

Tazz: That gonna leave a mark for sho.

Rod Moore: I will agree.

[The Maryse sucks chants from the fans. Nikky is getting up. Maryse nailed Nikky with a butterfly suplex down to the mat. Maryse covers Nikky for a pinfall. Referee Rudy Charles makes the count 1...2 but Nikky kick out.]

Rod Moore: O so close.

[Nikky is back on her feet. Nikky nailed Maryse with a running lariat to the mat. We want Puppies chants from the fans in the iMPACT zone. Maryse is getting up. Nikky nailed a T-Bone suplex on Maryse. Maryse getting hit with a frog splash from Nikky. Nikky hooking the leg for a pin. Rudy Charles counts the fall 1...2...2 3/8 but Maryse power out the pinfall.]

Tazz: Are you enjoy this match, Rod?

Rod Moore: Yes I am.

Tazz: We almost have a winner in this match.

[Maryse is getting up back on her feet. Nikky is up. Maryse nailed Nikky with a super spinbuster suplex to the mat. Nikky is getting up. Nikky getting hits with the Hair Flip DDT from Maryse on to the mat. Maryse covers Nikky for a pinfall attempt. Rudy Charles make the counts 1...2..3]

Tazz: What a match up on TNA Spotlight HD.

Rod Moore: Maryse still the TNA Knockouts Champion!!!

Justin Roberts: The winner of the match ad Still Knockout Champion Maryse!!!!

[Maryse is celebration her victory in the middle of the match as the show goes into a commerical break.]

--Commerical break.--

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**XPLOSION preview**

**TNA Seasons Beatings ON DVD**

--TNA Spotlight:Pick of the Week presents by Verizon Wirless from 8-16-2004 Randy Orton (C) V. Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight title. The Rematch from Summer Slam.--

--After the match, as the show goes into a commerical break.--

--Commerical Break.--

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**April Chaos promo**

--Show returns back into the studios with Rod Moore.--

Rod: Welcome back to the show . I hope u enjoy Maryse V. Nikky Foxx and a pick of the week with Randy Orton battle against the late Chris Benoit in a Summer Slam rematch. And don't miss April 30 300 Show special but u never know who might show up, however next week back on Thursday for a special edition of TNA Spotlight a preview of April Choas our next ppv here in TNA. I will see u all this Monday from Boise, ID and Next week on TNA Spotlight the Road to April Choas. I'm Rod Moore have a good night and good weekend.

--TNA hightlights a preview of XPLOSION this monday as the show goes off the air.--