Rules for TNA

Rules for those joining TNA

1) All New Comers to TNA must role play for their first match before they will be added to the roster. If you donít role play you will not be added and you application will be disregarded. However the Staff will talk it over and give you a second chance if it was a good enough reason that you didnít role play for you match. (I.e. I didnít know I had match will not be accepted.)

2) Check the roster before joining to see who is taken and who isnít. There will only be 3 people that can look alike.

Rules for the fed.

1) All role plays will be due before Midnight Monday into Tuesday.

2) The length of an role play is not super important but Quality is. Those who can do a five hundred word role play could beat someone who did a 5 000 word role play but isnít focusing on the match.

3) No Arguing with the staff about the outcome of a match. There can be a discussion but it wonít change the out come of the match.

4) Anyone who argues with anyone outside the fed about the fed though and staff finds out about it you will be suspended for a week. Example: putting them down for the role playing skills and stuff to be determined by staff.

5) No going over board on Cursing. Here and there are is alright but if the staff thinks that it is over used you will lose the match.

6) Champions. You will role play for you match unless accidentally booked after you asked for that week off. You fail to role play you will lose that match. If your opponent also fails to role play the staff will decide what to do. If it happens a second time you will be stripped of the champion with no rematch for it.

7) Stable can be no more the 5-6 people.

8) You will role play for all your matches that you are scheduled for. You fail to role play the first time you will receive a warning. Fail to role play a second time you will be suspended for two weeks. Fail to role play a third time you will be removed from the federation.

9) No using other peoples characters without their permission

10) There will be no first role plays allowed within the last hour before deadline unless special permission is given by Sunny or Stormy.

11) There will be two role plays allowed on the day of the event. You can post as many as you want from the time the card goes up to midnight Sunday into Monday.

12) You want a segment for the show it must be in by Midnight Sunday Night into Monday.

13) You need time off you must let a Staff Member know.

14) Only positive feed back will be allowed under the role plays any negative ones will be removed as soon as they are noticed.