As the show comes Tell me something I donít know plays As it ends you see Princess sitting in a chair with a bunch of wrestlers pictures on the wall around her and an empty chair next to her.

Princess: Welcome to tonights edition of Princess's pick hosted by yours truely Princess. Last Night on Warefare we seen some historic events. We seen the crowning of new TNA Tag Teams Champions the Vision of Perfection Maryse and Paris Ouellet.We seen some of my picks come true and some that I didn't.Either way last nights show was the best way to start off the new year. Now last week I said that Legacy would win their match and they did just that. It was a great match but the better team in my eyes won that match fair and square. Good job for that team. My next prediction for last night came true and that was that Gangsta Steve would win the match however he won not the way I thought he would and for some strange reason I see a fued coming out of lasts night match. David Jones was impressive but just couldn't get back into the ring fast enough. Last week I said I wouldn't pick the winner of the third match due to personal reasons. This match by far was the better match in my mind. You see X-Calibur and Eclipse from DNXT defending their tag team titles against Vision of Perfection Maryse and Paris Ouellet. Last night was Paris's debut match for this federation and she kept her word from her promo that she would give it everything she had. She pinned Eclipse and gained the victory and the Tag Team Titles for Vision of Perfection. Vision of Perfection is going to be a team to be reckoned with in the months to come. Last week I predicted Mike Dimter would be the first Middleweight Champion. That seem to have effect in two ways. It seemed to get Mike Dimter's head a little bit but it also made Chris Legend angry. By doing that it brought out the best in Chris Legend. The Legend that showed up last night was the legend of Past that I know. Here is a match that shocked me. I thought the whole time that my prediction was about to come true. I had picked Lisa Magnotta to win the match last night and continue her regin as champion. However Eric Draven had other ideas for last night. They both fought to the best of their abilities and last night Eric Draven was the better wrestler. He ended up walking out as the The Unified Intercontienental-X-Division Champion. Congratulations Eric and welcome back. This is match that the person I chose to win actually won the match. Amy Wilson defeated the bitch Stephanie McMahon and I am for one glad to see that. A shocker of a triple threat match seen Desperado winning the match last night. I guess I didn't give him enough credit and I am sure he will do great. Welcome back Josh Blade and welcome home where you belong. The Main event for last night is one that I couldn't choose a winner of because both teams are great and both teams had a chance to win this match. However Last night match seen Strangler and Lord of Darkness walking away as the winners of this match. This is going to be a team to watch very closely. They could easily make a run for the tag team championships. Well that is last night in a nut shell. Stay tuned for this weeks up coming picks and when we come back we will be joined by the new diva gm Angelina Madison.

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Princess: Welcome back to tonights edition of Princess's picks. I would like to take this time to welcome my guest and the new Diva's GM Angelina Madison to the show.

Just then Princess is joined by Angelina Madison.

Princess: Angelina thanks for coming onto the show here tonight and welcome to the TNA.

Angelina: Thanks for having me tonight and thank you. I am glad to be here and help this federation achieve a new level. Can I say last night show was amazing.

Princess: Yes it was amazing. Are you familiar with how this show works?

Angelina: Yes I am.

Princess: alright so lets get started. Monday Night from the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, virginia Warefare will be coming at you live. The first match of the night you will see a Fatal four way match. The contenders in this match are as follows. Desperado, Mike Dimter, Josh Blade, and Damien Wilson. With these four in the ring at the same time anything can happen. Angelina who are you going for in this match?

Angelina: Well you know it is a tough choice. All four are great wrestlers in that ring at any given time. No disrespect to any of them four wrestlers in this ring I am going to go with Josh Blade. I think he has something to prove in his second match back and just coming off a loss from last night.

Princess: Yes he does but however I am pulling for Desperado in this match. He impressed me last night I think he will do good in this federation. He has a lot to prove and I don't think he will let us down.

Princess: Now the second match of the night will be Triple threat Tag team match to determine the number one contenders to the Tag Team Championship held by Vision of Perfection. You will see the teams of DNXT, Legacy and The Payne's. Now I am at a loss here because I thought if legacy won last night which they did they would be the ones getting the next shot at the Tag Team Champions. As much as I hate to say this but DNXT will walk out as the winners. THey have a lot to prove after suffering a loss at the hands of Vision of Perfection last night. I know they have their sights dead set on regaining the Championship gold.

Angelina: Princess honestly you are correct on that one and no disrepect intended. They lost what they only way a few weeks ago and that are hungry for some revenge.

Princess: Our next match is a match that you set up last week. Now I know there is some confussion and I am going to clear that up right now. Every knock excluding Rose Mendoza and Lisa Magnotta will be involved in this match. The order you are eliminated in determines who you face next week. So say Paris gets eliminated then she is followed by Amy Wilson then next week those two will face off against each other in the first round of the tournament to determine the number one Contender to the TNA Knockout Championship. From my understanding is that Candice Michelle will be a part of this as well and who ever eliminates her get s a buy week for the first round as well whoever gets eliminate right after her. Now if she wins the battle royal the person she last eliminates will be put into a match but it will be a triple threat match. Now as far as my prediction for this match I can't really say. I am going to predict the better knockout wins this match. Angelina how and why did you come up with this match for?

Angelina: Well the week before I made my debut here but I was already hired I was looking through and seen that the knockout division was going down hill some what. I seen Knockouts afraid to face Candice in the ring and I seen ones being over looked. So I sat there and thought about it. How can I make a number one contender match but make it interesting to. I thought for a while and then I deicided to take a match that already exist but put a twist on it. I figure I would let the Knockouts pick who they were going to face on their own pretty much. Putting Candice in there will motivate everyone to be the best they can be and see if they can earn a bye week for the first round. Like you said there is no one person that can win this match and the best Knockout will win.

Princess: Our last pick before we go to commercial. The next match is Champion vs Champion match but it is a non title Match. You will see the Middleweight Champion Chris Legend taking on the new Unfied Intercontinental-X-Division Champion Eric Draven. This match has all the makings of being one of the biggest matches of the night. I am going to pull for Eric Draven here. He is coming off a big win last night and still thinks he has to prove to everyone that he belongs back here in TNA.

Angelina: Well you can go with Eric Draven but my choice is on Chris Legend. You seem to have put a spark in him last week and I think he is going to prove to you why you need to start picking him to win matches here. Either way though this match will be a great match to watch.

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Princess: Our Main Event for this week will see the New Tag Team Champions Vision of Perfection taking on Dynasty who lost last night and some how got this shot at the titles. Now I could sit here and pick who would win but I have to be fair once again and what not so Angelina who do you think will walk out as the winner of this match.

Angelina: Well I am going to go for Vision Of Perferction. They showed everyone last night that as long as you train hard and stay focused you can accomplish anything. They impressed me last night and I am sure they will not lets us down. Do I agree with what Paris had to say? No i don't but that doesn't take away her abilities in that ring.

Princess: Well there you have those are the picks for this week. You can catch Princess's pick every tuesday at this time. Angelina once again Welcome to TNA and I can't wait to see what you have to offer this federation. Thank you for being on the show.

Angelina: Thank you for having me here tonight and I can not wait to work with all the knockouts here in TNA. This is going to be a great ride for me as well as this federation.

Angelina gets up and walks off stage.

Princess: Since our guest last week had such a big problem with me joking around I wil leave you all with a picture. Until next week I will see you later and don't forget to tune into Monday Night Warefare where anything can happen.

As Princess gets up they show a picture as the show comes to an end.