In memory of a Friend which we will all miss and never will forget..

The snow fell, leaving a halo of white upon your head, and that's when I said, "Can I call you Angel?"

You looked at me with surprise, but I could see it in your eyes, and I knew.

As you sang silent night, your beautiful voice put me at ease, and I asked please, "Can I call you Angel?"

A smile came to your face with serenity and grace, but you said not a word. In my darkest hours you held my hand, never leaving my side, and I said, while I cried, "Can I call you Angel? "

You then began to wipe the tears away and erase all the gray in my life. You led me down a path of gold, telling me of the creator above, and again I asked with a greater love, "Can I call you Angel?"

You never answered my plea, so I fell to my knee in prayer. As I opened my eyes, I could see you before me; Your wings spread and a golden halo upon your head and one last time I said, "Susan, can I call you Angel?"

Susan aka Victoria

There are so many stories I still want to tell There are so many I love you's left unsaid There are many tears left uncried There are many dreams left to fall apart

I miss our long talks I miss the nights when all was alright I love you like a Brother, you were my angel, Yet I wonder why you had to leave this world We were forever best friends- When one fell to the ground The other one was there to help the other back up. We healed our broken hearts

You said you had to go- I wished it wasn't so. You said we'd always write. You said it would be like old times. I looked in your eyes as you looked into mine, With smiles like everything was fine.

Yet we both knew well that this was our last good-bye. We knew that we would never again Have those long talks. We knew all the pain we'd cause ourselves. I also knew that my angel was being taken away, Yet we promised no matter what we'd remain Forever Best Friends


I'll always remember you Mike aka Alex Murdock