--TNA HD promo hits; A video packages airs of the Hall of Famers from 2005-2010 in TNA Wrestling history, and Tonight add the new class for the 2011 Hall of Fame class. An graphic display welcoming us the TNA presents: 2011 Hall of Fame Celebration Class. Where go inside the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. Where we see a wide shot of the fans are cheering and shoutout being seen on the camera.--

PA Announcer: Please welcome your host of the 2011 Hall of Fame, He is the TNA Lead Interviewer, also the Hall of Fame Class of 2007 please welcome Rod Moore.

"Take over (Remix)' blast from every speakers in the stadiums, the fans stand up and cheers to see Rod Moore comes out with a huge roar from the fans as Rod making his way to be in front of 60,000 fans in Cowboys Stadiums as the fans quiet down a bit as the music too Rod speaks up.--

Rod Moore: Hello Arlington, TX (Crowd cheers) Tonight its all about the this year Class of the 2011 Hall of Fame. Now (TNA Chants from the fans) for the one stepping into a class of Legends, like myself Sunny, Shawn Michaels, Stormy and other before us and now this people of Past and Present comes tonight for one night to celebration of the this years class. Back in 2007 during this time I was so nervous but tonight they going thru as we all have going thru.

--Crowd cheers and appluasing.--

Rod Moore: Here are the following will either 2011 Hall of Fame Class: Chad Heart, "The Ladies Man" Mike Maddox, Shane Trudex, Chris Legend, Mike Dimter, Jamie Conwell, My wife Stacy Keibler-Moore, Cole Henry, Ms. Fyre Lord of Darkness and now just add Demon.

(Crowd cheers)

Now sit back and enjoy yourself tonight and we will be right back to welcome the 1st induction into the Class of 2011.

--The show goes into a commerical break.--

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--A Graphic display of TNA's 2011 Hall of Fame Ceremony runs and we are taken into the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. As the fans goes insane.. then the camera man zoom at the annoucers both with Mike Teney and Taz.--

Mike Teney: Welcome to the 2011 TNA's Hall of Fame Ceremony. Alone with Taz.. I'm Mike Teney and Taz what a class we have here tonight ...

Taz :Well Mike . They are always a helpful members of TNA ... but I kinda know that They will be in the Hall of Fame this year..but overall Mike is the one of the best class that Boss Sunny and Stormy have put together in a long time.

Mike Teney: No.. doubt about that Taz. Now let go to Lauren to introduces the class of 2010 TNA Hall of Fame.

--The scene cuts into the stage in Cowboys Stadium with Lauren is standing by with Stormy and Sunny.--

--Lauren introduces all the inductees for the 2011 Hall of Fame class

Stormy: Wait Lauren I think we need to give the name of each inductees so here we go are you ready...

Sunny: Now the reason for coming out here is to name the 13 individuals that are nominated for the 2011 TNA Hall of Fame..Whom will be inducted this month June 26th.....

Stormy: Well,let's start with the best.....Chad Heart,Mike Maddox ,Shane Trudex,Chris Legend ,Jaime Conwell,Mike Dimter,Stacy Keibler,Cole Henry,Fyre. And also don't forget about a former TNA Champion..none other than Lod....

Sunny:And ....he's is one the one and only DEMON

*Crowd then starts to cheer loudly *

Stormy and Sunny: Ladies & Gentlemen...They are two surprise inductees.that is your 2011 TNA Hall of Fame Class. .--

Sunny : Hello.. thank you and welcome all to the TNA's Hall Of Fame induction ceremony where TNA will pay their tributes and respects to the men and women that made the company what it is today.. The men and women that shined through out the year's .. they are the TNA's Hall Of Fame class of two thousand and eleven!! With out further adue..

:: Rod's music plays on the PA system as walks to the podium..

Rod Moore: Are you having a good time (Crowd cheers) Thats good, 4 years ago, I married to my wife that its Stacy Keibler-Moore before she become my wife, she enter me into the Hall of Fame Class and now I am return the favor (Crowd cheers as Stacy smiles at her husband) Now my wife, won TNA Womens Championship 3 times, Won the TNA Ladies Titles on 2 times and a mother, wife and best friend of mine, and having my son that is the happiest moment of my life and thank you baby. Now Ladies and Gentlemen Please welcome into the 2011 Hall of Fame my wife Stacy Keibler-Moore.

--"Legs" by Kid Rock blast from every speakers as the fans and other wrestlers stand on their feet as Stacy walking up the ramp into the stage with her son holding her, as she kisses her husband Rod on the lips, and hugging her tight as she speaks she gives the son over to Rod.--

Stacy :Am..So very proud ..Obviously this is truely a fine moment. It's nice to see all some of my achievements has paid off by such a great monumental moment such as this here tonight..I've been in TNA for along time and I've have so many accomplishments..Maybe some not so special to you as it is to me... But this one is very dear to me..But the most the dearest to me is my child and husband Rod Moore. I want to thank everyone here in TNA especially my husband for standing by my side through it all.. I would like to thank both the staff and everybody in the back for all the great times and to each that voted for me..Yet more than anything.. I want to thank you the fans for cheering me the weeks i did step in that ring and supporting me through it all..This is for all of you and truely thank you and TNA isn't going nowhere and you havent seen anything yet of what's to come..Again i thank you from the down of my heart..I will cherish this always...

Stacy Keibler raises his hands and blows the crowd..Then she turns to go sit down as she wipes the tears from her eye. As Stacy Keibler takes her seat beside her husband..

Stormy stands up and takes to the podium.

Stormy : Ladies and Gentleman now that your First Inductee to enter the two thousand & eleven Hall Of Fame.. give it up for Stacy Keibler

Stormy takes a step back applauding with the crowd for Stacy Keibler and then steps back to the podium.

--Commerical Break.--

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Sunny : Up next is an inductee thats been fantactic with TNA and to induct him into the Hall Of Fame is Candi Blade !!

:: "Broken Dreams " plays and Candi Blade comes walking down the ramp he gets in the ring as Sunny sits down and Candi Blade take the microphone. ::

Candi Blade..Dear friends and workers here in TNA..I am deeply honored to be ask about the nomination of our next man into the Hall of Fame.Yes, it was long time since i worked with this next inductee..but mostly because i lost connection with him. First..I have been involved in this business for quite a few years...I know as the recipient of this award he will be honored. This award is the recognition of his achievements and you can only imagine how important it is to me.. that he recieve this award..He's been dedicated to this professional business of wrestling..But..Anyways here is just some of the wonderful career accomplishment that he has done here in TNA...He was..TNA World Heavyweight Champion one time..TNA X-Division Champion also one time..Wait am not done..a couple of more here to announce..He's also has been TNA European Champ..one time and Inferno Tag Team Champion..Last but not least he is your current TNA Intercontinental Champion..Ladies and Gentlemen..It's my honor to introduce you to your next inductee for the Hall of Fame..Come on out here my friend...So please give it up for the next Two Thousand and eleven Hall Of Famer..Cole Henry!!!!

Cole Henry: Thank you...HAHA.. this.. is something that I could never predict the TNA Hall Of Fame. I'm the Champion. I've beaten the best TNA had to offer and I did it all for you , my fans...Wrong i did for myself...I EARNED THE TITLES HERE IN TNA. I've had both good and bad times ups and downs.. victories and defeats and you fans.. had my back all the way and I vow to all of you that I will do everything in my power to take this company to the level!!!

Crowd cheers very loud and stands up for Cole Henry

Sunny : Ladies and Gentleman now that your First Inductee to enter the two thousand & eleven Hall Of Fame.. give it up for Cole Henry

Sunny walks back applauding with the crowd for Cole Henry and then steps back to the podium.

Sunny : Ladies and gentleman, YOUR second inductee to the two thousand & ten Hall Of Fame.. Cole Henry.

Sunny : Ladies and Gentleman, your third TNA Hall of Famer to help welcome her into TNA's long and elustrious history... please welcome, Matt Michaels!!

Matt: Hi name is Matt Michaels and im an alcoholic *crowd laughs* oops sorry wrong function.... I saw Benjamin Jameson here and I thought I was in the right place *cameras zoom into Benjamin as he is laughing* Ah well you can get me back in the ring tomorrow night. Taking a look around I see legends and I saw old and new faces and if it looks like a laser pointer is on me by any chance dont be alarmed thinking its a sniper its only John Strangler's eye reflecting off the light onto me *crowd laughs cameras show Strangler laughing* Strangler havent you heard the saying "you keep playing with that you will go blind" *Matt smiles* Im just kidding good luck with your match against Lord Of Darkness tomorrow night we are all very excited to see another epic match. But we are all here tonight for the 2011 TNA Hall Of Fame and tonight I get to induct two friends the first one I get to induct is The Ladies Man Mike Maddox *people cheer and clap* Now people knew Mike Maddox and I are friends and we would be on the road night in and night out and anytime I was with him he would get the same question over and over and it was "are you really a ladies man?" His response was always "what can I say I live large in more ways then one" and he seemed to have the girls giggling and flashing him. One night it was after Impact a woman came up and asked Mike the same question and his response was once again the same saying he lives large in more ways then one and the line got so annoying after he said it I said "wait until I tell your boyfriend about this" *crowd laughs* Mike Maddox wasnt happy at the time because he thought this girl was really hot and I blew his chances but I think he blew before that even happened *crowd laughs* ...Wow who allowed me to have an open mic on a night like this *Matt laughs as does the crowd* But on a serious topic Mike Maddox is a very talented man that was gifted talent and has made the most out of it, Mike Maddox has shown perseverance throughout his career here in TNA, he has shown dedication, desire and loyalty to this company which had him rewarded the X Division title and the Intercontinental title which he held both at the same time something very few superstars have done here in TNA. It is very important to me to express how much respect he has throughout the TNA locker room he is very well liked you never hear anyone say a bad word about him. When people talk about Mike Maddox they are either wondering why he doesnt have a shirt on *crowd laughs* or they are thinking about a man who true is the definition of a gentleman. Mike Maddox has been given a precious gift and that is to entertain the TNA fans and he takes that very seriously and he is without a doubt very successful at it. He is a skillfully sound wrestler who prides himself on being called a wrestler and is a great reputation to TNA and what this business truly represents and there is no one in the world that know Mike Maddox that question his heart. Mike Maddox went beyond wrestling here in TNA Mike Maddox was the man that came up with segments mid week to have a show up that keeps the TNA audience up to date with what happens here in TNA. The highest reward for a man's loyalty, determination and perserverance isnt what he gets for it but what he becomes by it and tonight Mike Maddox becomes the newest member of the TNA Hall Of Fame *crowd claps* Mike Maddox has no doubt deserved this ring so without further or do the newest inductee to the TNA Hall Of Fame The Ladies Man Mike Maddox!!!!

Mike walks to the podium and smiles as you can see a few tears drop from his eyes. Then Mike begins to speak.

[The Ladies Man Mike Maddox] Wow oh my god sorry I am a little sensitive. I am very ecstatic to be here in the Class of 2011 TNA Hall of Fame. I want to thank some special people who have made an impact on me and in my career. I want to thank Matt Michaels for inducting me into this Hall of Fame. Me and Matt had a few classic battles in our time. I would like to thank Sunny and Stormy for signing me this has been an awesome ride so far in TNA. I want to thank my two beautiful lady girlfriends Torrie Wilson and Vanity Skye and even Kiley Summers for working with me for our short time that we worked together. Most of all I would like to thank all the fans that believe in me and have supported me all this time throughout my career thus far in TNA I hope to make it a long run here and keep the Legacy that is TNA!!! I mean I never expected to be in the Hall of Fame this early in my career. I am honored to be before everyone on this stage. You see unlike must men and women on here I am going to give 200% dedication to this industry no matter what. I have got a great locker room in the back that will all say the same about me. I do not want to sound to tedious so I want to perform for you fans especially for all you ladies out there!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hit my music...............!!!

"My Last Breath by Evanescence" blasts over the PA systems.

Mike begins to break dance flawlessly on stage as the fans roar, Mike dances for about 5 minutes and a pumped up Mike Maddox walks up to the podium and begins to speak.

[The Ladies Man Mike Maddox] I just want to say thank you again and I will always treasure this moment as the best moment in my career. TNA has been great to me and don't miss "The Ladies Man" Live on Impact coming soon thank you good night.

My Last Breath By Evanescence blasts over the PA systems as Mike hugs Sunny Stormy and Matt and hugs and kisses Torrie and Vanity as the crowd roars Ladies Man Ladies Man!!!!!.

Sunny : Ladies and gentlemen I proudly bring to you the TNA'S Hall Of Fame Class of two thousand and eleven--

:: Sunny gets cut off by the entrence theme of the "Don't Cha by Pussycat Dolls & Busta Rhymes" as Jackie appears at the entrence way wearing a brown dress and makes her way down the ramp and takes to the microphone. ::

Jackie..First i would like to thank each you for voting for this next inductee..He's a man that you will only know him by his power..his abilitily..his potential to hurt each of you..But..No one will ever really know him..People only know this man if he choices to let you get closes to him..Unfortunately..you will never know him truely..Am honor to be one closes to him..It's a pleasure to be here too induct him into this years 2011 Hall of Fame ..Unfortunately..you will never know him truely..Am honor to be one closes to him..It's a pleasure to be here too induct him into this years 2011 Hall of Fame..His career accomplishment he's held the titles of TNA Tag Team Champion one time ..Also TNA Hardcore Champion two times..So..Ladies and Gentlemen it's my honor to give you this years Hall Of Famer..The One..The Only..Demon..Let's give it up for...Demon...

Crowd cheers very loud for Demon

Demon: With that being said, it has been a long road for all of us respectively and I'm sure i can safely say this about everyone in this ring tonight that you dont get where you are in this company or any other company for that matter by being a fly by over night success. It takes a long long time to reach the top of any business especially this one and to stay on top and be in the minds of many so that you can get this great award so absolutely phemonimal. Now I'm not all that friendly with the others in my class but I do know that we are all here because we are great both in and out of the ring.I'M PROUD TO BE A WRESTLER

Stormy : Ladies and Gentleman now that your fourth Inductee to enter the two thousand & eleven Hall Of Fame.. give it up for Demon

Stormy takes a step back applauding with the crowd for Demon and then steps back to the podium.

:: They join Others in the row of seats.

:: "Run This Town" plays on the PA system as Matt Michaels walks out as. he approaches the podium as Sunny steps aside and takes a seat ::

Matt Michaels : I didnt think I would be allowed back on after my last induction im sure UPS have my pink slip getting sent to my house as we speak *people in the crowd laugh* Hasn't there been some good speeches from the Class Of 2011 Hall Of Fame *crowd claps* I didnt realize TNA had so many big gun public speakers im surprised that the TNA Hall Of Fame isnt sponsored by the NRA. *crowd laughs* The next man I am inducting to the TNA Hall Of Fame is The Rated R Superstar Edge *crowd claps* I will never forget the first time I met Edge. But im hoping therapy will eventually work *crowd laughs* Edge from the moment I met him took me under his wing and taught me a lot about wrestling and my potential in this business. He and I would travel up and down the road together and we would hang out together and when we weren't wrestling all we would do is talk about the business because for us this is our biggest passion to be where we are today and thats in the TNA Hall Of Fame. We would have autograph sessions together and we were around eachother so much we became like brothers. He and I didnt really have the best reputation I remember we used to be call "arrogant" and "obnoxious" but these days we're just the total opposite of that we're now "obnoxious" and "arrogant" *crowd laughs and claps* but at the end of the day we didnt care about what people were saying about us because as I said we were like brothers and we just wanted to put on a show and give the fans 5 star matches and Edge was very consistant at having some absolute classics in the TNA ring and im sure tomorrow night at Homecoming he has one more classic up his sleeve. One thing I really respected about Edge and that was he did take his training also very serious. He believed and still believes in a balanced diet, a beer in each hand *crowd laughs* The thing was we tended to lose a bit of balance as the diet went on. But in all seriousness there is no man that worked harder then what Edge did. He accompished so much in this business and was a great representation of this business that is TNA. Edge has won the TNA World Heavy Weight title, the TNA Intercontinental title, the TNA Hardcore title and he was also a TNA Tag Team champion. Even in these times where he was ontop of the wrestling world he was still a very humble man and is spoken in the line of greats that have been in TNA. He would look after the young guys when they wanted serious feedback about their matches they would come to me first and I would say something down the lines of "If first you dont succeed, maybe skydiving isnt for you" *crowd laughs and claps* but after they would hear that from me Edge would give them constructive criticism where they would learn so much and grow as an athlete in this sport and when they grew there was no one prouder then Edge. He loves seeing the business he is in grow and people getting better everytime they're in the ring and it shows how unselfish he is and how much he wants the business to be competitive on all levels whether you were a TNA Knockout, a rookie coming into the business or even a number one contender for the world title. I would like to say one quote that describes Edge perfectly in my opinion and it says "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience,but where he stand at times of challenge and controversy." Edge has always stood tall from the moment he walked into TNA and any pressure or criticism would be like water off a ducks back its like nothing ever phased him and when a challenge was laid down to him he would always overcome all obsticals and there was no one better under pressure then the Rated R Superstar. So its an honor and gives me great pleasure to introduce the newest inductee to the TNA Hall Of Fame The Rated R Superstar Edge!!!!

Edge : Edge: Friends, Romans....(crowd laughs) no i'm kidding. Um well i promise my speech wont be as long as a David Arnold promo.....David you know i kidding, i love you, you're the best of all time in my opinion and that is real.

Edge: Ok let me first off thank my bud Matty Michaels. Um alot of people probably don't know this but this man has been there for me right from the start. Through the good times, and the bad times and there were alot of bad times. Matty i owe alot to you for how my TNA career has turned out, there where times when i wasn't performing to the standards i could perform and you basically carried me. You picked me up when i was down and you partied hard when i was on top of the wrestling world so Matt thank you..

*Edge gives the Wolfpac hand gesture to Matt which he responds with his own Wolfpac gesture*

Edge: Sunny, don't worry it all good stuff this time. Me and Matty literally drove Sunny mad for about 2 or 3 years solid. We did everything we could to get under her skin, in fact at one point Matty and i had the plan to knock Sunny off her perch as leader of TNA and takeover......well we crossed the boss and it was to our downfall. Sunny i've left and come back so many times it's gone out of fashion but yet you welcome me back with open arms and i thank you for that. Without you TNA would not be possible, you built this company from the ground up and even though there are doubters it will continue to grow, i'm sure of it!

Edge: I've won everything from the Hardcore title to the World Heavyweight Championship and i was proud of each individual title as it was reward for such hard work. I put my all in for this company because i believe....scratch that i know it's the best. Um ok i really need to come away now and get myself a beer, me and Matty are off to a after HOF party......Sunny i'm kidding we are off to get some rest before Homecoming.

Edge: Ok in closing i am The Rated "R" Superstar Edge and i am now part off the illustrious group in the hall of fame. I thank you all!

**Edge's music hits, Matt walks over to him and gives him a congratulative hug**

Sunny : Ladies and gentlemen I proudly bring to you the TNA'S Hall Of Fame Class -

:: Sunny gets cut off by Fallen Angel as Angel appears at the entrence way she makes her way down the ramp and takes to the microphone. ::

Angel:: It is my honor to induct this man who did love with all my heart into the Hall of Fame & he has held lots of Championships I would do anything for this guys I care about him alot Ladies and genlemen my great friend formly known as Chad Heart but changed it too..Chad Hyatt.. .

:: Whisphers in the dark starts to play and Chad Hyatt strolls out of the entrance ways and walks down the ramp dressed he taunts to the fans while he walks by. he climbs into the ring and hugs & kisses Angel , he turns & stands right beside her.. ::

Chad Hyatt: Well..Ladies and Gentleman..I thank each one here in TNA for the honor you've given me..Especially..Sunny and Stormy for having me tonight.I want to thank.a wonderful Woman Angel for all she had done for me..This award means alot to me..it's been awhile seen i been here in TNA and i must say..it's truely a honor to me to accept the Hall of Fame award this year..

Crowd cheers as they stands up for Chad Hyatt!!!!

: They turn back to the fans. ::

:: Angel & Chad as they walk away & gives each other a kiss on the cheek and a peck on the lips .

Sunny : Ladies and gentlemen I proudly bring to you the TNA'S Hall Of Fame Class of two thousand and eleven -

:: Sunny gets cut off by Shoot to Thrill appears at the entrence way he makes his way down the ramp and takes to the microphone. ::

Shane:: This woman has been awesome here in Tna and in my life too, is is always on Fire and very hot..ladies and gentlemen Fyre.

Fyre..Wow..Thank you so much Shane Trudex for the fanstatic introduction..You're one terrific man..As she then gives Shane a kiss...I will..say that this is a honor to be here standing on this podium tonight.. I never expected to be standing here as a Two Thousand and eleven Hall Of Famer..But..Hey ..It's a honor to be accepting my induction into the 2011 Hall of Fame Class..But..I did earn this right spot as did each one here..There's many people that I would like to thank here tonight..Let's start with the name Sunny and Stormy for seeing potential in me.. Shane Trudex has been a wonderful man tat has inspired me in may ways ..He does mean alot to me and he does deserves to be thanked..Kane..was a great guy in my life and my trainers..He put me through alot of hard trainin to make me what i am today..All theses guys are special to me..You see without them even knowing how much they truely did in my life..They've make Fyre part of who she is..TNA has been a wonderful place to work and i've been champ here several times and i will come back again for a title and maybe even for tag team champion..I don't give up easy as my opponent know..But..to each of my fans and my friends..I thank you and this does means alot to me..Sunny and Stormy you are fanstatic women..I am one of greatest knouckouts here and you all know..Whether you want to admit it or not..So..be ready girls Fyre is coming back and she coming for you..Thanks to all you!!!This is a true honor to accept this award...

Stormy : Ladies and Gentleman now that your seventh Inductee to enter the two thousand & eleven Hall Of Fame.. give it up for Fyre

Stormy takes a step back applauding with the crowd for Fyre and then steps back to the podium.

Crowd cheers roaring loud for Fyre

:: "You know you want me" plays on the PA system as Sunny walks back in the ring.

Sunny: Ladies and gentlemen I proudly bring to you a inductee to TNA'S Hall Of Fame Class , Mike Dimter.

" Mike Dimter" music hits and he walks to the bottom of the ramp stands at the bottom of the ramp for a moment enters into the ring and take the microphone. ::

Mike Dimter: Thank you sunny for that great introduction....7 years ago i came into this company with my brothers and my sister and at the time we were known as VKM....flash forward 7 years later...we are back together but this time we are back under an orginal faction name that we all came up with and thats the bloodline because our blood runs this this industry no matter where we are we bleed for this industry...whether you booed us or cheered us we bleed for the busines and to see the fans up in their asses....and my finals thoughts is that this moment right here is better then any championship i have ever won in this company and its better then any fued ive ever been in.this is my final time here as an in ring competitor

:: Mike Dimter poses for a bit then moves aside so that Sunny can speak. ::

Stormy Ladies and genleman a specail guest is here to sing her song Hero Mariah Carey...

Mariah Carey - Hero

:: Sunny gets cut off by Hollaback Girl as Fyre appears at the entrence way she makes her way down the ramp and takes to the microphone. ::

Fyre..I am deeply honored to have been selected to name your next nominate for the class Two Thousand and eleven Hall Of Fame..I want to express my gratitude to him for being the man he is. I am very pleased to be here that i can give this award to a wonderful person..I know he may can't express the excitement and inspiration with this award that is due him..Oh..But..i know he will be very excited to receive such a award like this..But I should tell you that throughout his life he's always been an inspiration to..So many others through out his life..So inspired..talented and skilled that I think we can take something from him..He's a man that is truely a professional wrestler..Also his career accomplishment thus far is current one half of TNA Tag Champion...Ladies and Gentlemen..It's my honor to introduce you to your next inductee for the Hall of Fame for this year...So please give it up for the next Two Thousand and eleven Hall Of Famer..Shane Trudex!!!!Crowd cheers as they stands up for Shane Trudex!!!!

Shane: Now this.. This is.. Perfect! It's been about a year & its great to be here. : Ya know, I've been in many companies , won many belts and defeated alot .. but the TNA.. truely ranks as up there in our minds. Most people who come here are given the opportunity, we here at the TNA.. we just take them. I heard that SUNNY was doing this Hall Of Fame Ceremony again and . Thank you Sunny & staff and fans .

Stormy: Ladies and Gentleman now that your Nineth Inductee to enter the two thousand & eleven Hall Of Fame.. give it up for Shane Trudex

Stormy step back applauding with the crowd for Shane Trudex and then steps back to the podium.

:: "Cherry Pie" plays on the PA system as Kelly Kelly walks down to the ring. She approaches the podium as Sunny steps aside and takes a seat ::

Kelly : Sunny & all the staff & fans here is the former X division Title (2x) and Hardcore Title (1x) and World Heavyweight Title (1x) ... Chris Legend. .

" Enter Sandman by Metallica " comes over the PA system as Chris walks out of the entrence he walks to the bottom of the ramp and waits with his arms crossed as he stand at the bottom of the ramp for a moment and slide into the ring and take the microphone. ::

:: Chris tuns back to the fans ::

Chris : Now this.. This is.. Perfect! It's been about a year & its great to be here. : Ya know, I've been in many companies , won many belts and defeated alot .. but the TNA.. truely ranks as up there in our minds. Most people who come here are given the opportunity, we here at the TNA.. we just take them. Thank you Sunny & staff.

:: Kelly & Chris pose in the ring together and collectively sits down as Sunny takes to the Podium . ::

Sunny : Ladies and gentlemen our next inductee is bought to you by stormy and myself. -

Stormy: He has been in and out of tna but he has always been a champion.. Jamie conwell

Jaime : .I am deeply honored to have been selected to be the Hall Of Fame and proud to have been part of this event in TNA..I would like to thank Angel..For being the one to name your next nominate for the class Two Thousand and eleven Hall Of Fame..Am very pleased to have the honor that the people here nominate me for such a award..TNA has and still got some great workers here..But thank each of you for this Ultimate award..I will certainly never forget this night..Thank you guys so much..

Crowd cheers as Jamie

Stormy : Thank you Sunny you've done a wounderful job but I'm here to tell you and everyone else that there are two more inductees into the Hall Of Fame. These Two were here back when I first started up the TNA and they've helped to get the TNA as one of the best companys in this industry. Ladies and gentlemen I give to you two of the best anyone could ever meet and they've done so much for the TNA , its my pleasure to give to you Danny Richmond!!!

:: Stormy takes a step back applauding towards the entrence way as her theme music strikes on the PA system again. A few moments pass until Danny appears on stage ., waving at the fans as they pass by. Stormy walks over the ropes and holds them down in respect of Danny Richmond. They enter the ring as Stormy stands back applauding while both them take to the podium. ::

The crowd erupts at Sunny and Stormy’s announcement of Danny Richmond being inducted into the Hall of Fame. “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car” by Billy Ocean blast in the speakers as fans applaud loudly. Danny Richmond emerges from the curtains with Vanessa Rodes by his side. Danny Richmond is wearing an all white 5,000 dollar suit, gold chain, and gold Rolex. Vanessa Rodes has on a 5,000 dollar long one piece white dress, gold chain, and gold Rolex.

They’re tan skin glares against the lights as they smile wide. Vanessa stands to the right of Danny as he walks up to the podium and grasp each side. His music begins to slowly fade out as he puts his mouth closer to the microphone and says, “Ok, people, cool it down now, cool it for just a moment and let the rich man preach to ya.”

He twirls his neck around as he collects his thoughts to put them into words. He thinks about everything he’s been threw over the past few months with the DLX biological weapon, fighting the government, stopping the Xing terrorist attacks, and now finally, his life seems to be coming back to normal. Above all the dark things the Hall of Fame is his new paradise.

He continues on saying, “Ya know to be Richmond with ya, I almost wasn’t in TNA. It took a lot of talk from grand daddy Strangler to get me here. He came to me and said, TNA is in a bit of a low point and we need some one to come back and make things alive again. We need some one who can come up and gather up the troops into an army and get the ball rolling. Well, I took those words and thought about for a bit. I thought about my whole history with John, and how I, along with Peter Jacobs, Don Dennis, and Jessica Jacobs, also known as Jessica Devil to the fans, would go into broken federations and turn them around just by generating major buzz, new captivating stories and feuds. So for a week the rich man was sitting with the beautiful Vanessa Rodes. With our minds on our money and our money on our minds, we couldn’t figure out what to do, well, after some negotiations, we decided, hey, why not? Grand daddy Strangler is a good friend of the Rich man’s, so we came in.”

He looks around at the mass sea of wrestler’s and fans all in the arena. The wrestler’s watching in respect while the fans watch in awe. He continues on saying, “Well, fast forward a week and there the Rich man is. Fighting with other TNA wrestler’s in their debuts. Hell, to be Richmond with ya, this place boomed within the first month, but I ain’t gonna say that’s all on me. I believe in something called, good timing, and I believe God sets that up. All at once you got, Danny Richmond, Vanessa Rodes, Kito Magnusson, Benjamin Jameson, Demon, Heather Helmsley, Peter Jacobs, Don Dennis, and Jessica Jacobs either making debuts or returns to TNA and damn did this place explode mixing it into the bodacious roster TNA already had.”

He pauses for a moment to collects his thoughts. He continues on saying, “Fast forward through the months and I fought amazing competitors like Benjamin Jameson, Assassin, AJ Flare, Shane Trudex, Kito Magnusson and others. I got the ever so lovely French syndrome, Maryse Ouellet as my steady girl. She’s quite Richly the most beautiful girl in the world and we will go far as the MaryRich Team Champions.”

He continues on, “Ok, Stormy and Sunny, also known as Chrissy and Dawn, sorry, but I'm about to break the fourth wall because I want the last part of the speech to be out of character....With that said, when I came to TNA, I saw many bodacious forms of role playing, but I never saw anyone write role plays in a novelization form. Me being a writer, I knew right away I could bring something to the table that had never been seen before in TNA. So I did that and it worked out amazingly, but still I felt like my role plays were lacking the uniqueness they needed. So that’s when I came up with the idea for the Hostage Situation series which may be a bit far away from wrestling, but with that series I’m telling a story in role playing that no one has really ever told before. It’s different, it’s unique, it’s edgy, raw, full of attitude and non stop action. It’s what I think has separated me from the rest of the role players here in TNA, but to close out this speech, the Rich man wants to thank all of those involved in keeping TNA alive. From AJ Flare to Stormy, and every other person apart of TNA. This place runs like a family business and hopefully TNA will continue to be the best wrestling promotion in the entire world. It’s an honor to be in the TNA Hall of Fame, and I promise, I will continue to prove that I belong here with the other greats. Thank you.”

“Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car” by Billy ocean blast through the speakers as people squat up to their feet and clap their hands together. The claps echo in the arena as the mass of people smile. Danny and Vanessa raise their right hand in the air and wave to the crowd as they turn around and walk to their proper spot.

" Strangler theme" comes over the PA system as Strangler walks out of the entrance way he walks to the bottom of the ramp stands at the bottom of the ramp for a moment enters into the ring and take the microphone. :: Strangler: Me and this next man have been up and down the road and in the ring together we have had fueds... Lord of darkness

LOD: ,This company is the first ever to induct me into their hall of fame. I like to think thats because I'm the best this company stands out and ranks very high to me. I have always been here in heart, but now I truely can tell you that I will continue to pull together and whoop this company into shape and all those that oppose us. I look out and i see many with Titles. I just want to say though you don't need to have alot of titles or a long title run.. All you need is to be able to go out there and captivate an audience and give them something memorable, which is what we all have done

:: Lod poses for a bit then moves aside so that Sunny can speak. ::

Sunny : Well, there you have it folks.. the words from the hearts of the best to ever grace the TNA. You've heard from them, their comments, their trails & accomplishments.. now I ask if you could hear mine. I started this company just a few years ago and thats longer then many of the companies that last only a few months that have a shimmer of talent with only a flash in the pan. Though by God's good graces this companys is the one that should truely be honored and privileged to have such wonderful and talented people come here and stay here making the TNA something bigger then what I could ever imagined. I honor them tonight because they have all honored me through out the year and in some cases longer. Noone takes more pride in this occassion then myself and Stormy, how ever tomorrow is no exception. We will all go out there tomorrow and do what it is we came here to do.. but tonight , ladies and gentlemen.. we induct the TNAs Hall Of Fame Class of Two Thousand and eleven !! Chad Hyatt,Mike Maddox ,Shane Trudex,Chris Legend ,Jaime Conwell,Mike Dimter,Stacy Keibler,Cole Henry,Fyre, LOD , DEMON, EDGE, DANNY RICHMOND ... YOUR INDUCTION CLASS OF TWO THOUSAND AND Eleven!! On behalf of everyone here at the TNA, we thank everyone for coming and enjoying this night as much as I have. We will all see you tomarrow right here in this very ring.. Thank you all and good night...

:: Every body in the arena fans, staff, inductees all stand and applaude as the camera starts to fade and the inductees acknowledge themselfs and they know that even though tonight is a night to honor them, tomorrow is just another day where they will go out and do what they all love best. ::

Rod Moore: From all of us, We want to say Thanks for enjoy yourself here at the Hall of Fame class of 2011, I am your host Rod Moore May God bless you see you at Homecoming 2011 PPV and hopefully to see you Next Year in Arizona for the Hall of Fame Class.

--"Hero " by Skillet blast from every speakers as the hall of famers of 2011 waving at the fans and cheers and hollering as the show goes off the air.