Vanessa Rodes
Alignment: Tweener/face
Pic Base: Lori Loughlin
Height: 5'8'"
Weight: 130.
Hometown: Hollywood, California
Entrance Theme: Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" By Billy Ocean
Finisher(s): 1. Left Roundhouse Kick 2. Right Roundhouse Kick 3. Jump Spin Roundhouse Kick 4. Crescent Kick 5. Bicycle Kick 6. Spinning Elbow 7. Spinning Leg Sweep 8. Spinning Heel Kick 9. Snap Jumping Knee 10. Monkey Flip Two Signature Moves 1. Rolling Heel Kick 2. Rolling Jump Heel Kick (Rolls and then jumps out of the roll with a front kick) Finishing Moves 1. Kicking Combination 2. Vanessa Combination
Manager / Marital Status: "The Non-Stop Miracle" Danny Richmond


Renowned Martial Artist who holds many championships in Martial Arts competitions.