TNA Spotlight Profile

--Hosted by Rod Moore ( ) to be a special guest on TNA Spotlight with in 2 weeks ahead of time)

--5'7 185 lbs Charlotte, NC

--Romantically involved currently w/ Stacy Keibler-Moore (Married)

--TNA Staff Member

--TNA interviewer: (IMPACT/XPLOSION/PPV's)

--TNA Ring Annoucer (Only for Part-time)

--TNA PPV Pregame show host

--Former host of TNA LiveWire, TNA Experience (W/ Stormy)

--2007 TNA Hall of Fame Class

--Executive Producer of TNA Spotlight

Writer and Director of TNA Spotlight Home Studios: Universal Studios in Orlando, FLA

Date: Thursday Nights @ 8pm et-7pm Ct only on myNetwork TV

Replays: Sunday Mornings at 9am on Spike TV and Sunday Evening at 11pm on My Network TV.

TNA HD promo hits; An graphic display hits welcoming us to TNA Spotlight HD. Where we go live inside the Amway Arena in Orlando, Fl. Where we see Rod Moore is standing by.--

Rod Moore: Welcome fans the final show of TNA Spotlight on My Network TV. I'm your Host Rod Moore. Its the end of a era on TNA Spotlight but a brand new show named TNA Epics will be on Thursdays Night on Spike TV 9/8 CT on April 1,2010. Just days after our March PPV events.

Rod Moore: This Monday Night Warfare at 9/8 CT on Spike TV From Miami, FL at the American Airlines Arena. Including the Main Event between April Hunter v. Nikky Foxx to be a good match up.

Rod Moore: We will be back with our Final Pick of the week on TNA Spotlight here on My Network TV.

--Commercial Break.--

--TNA Pick of the Week presents by COCo Cola. Stone Cold Steve Austin v. Bret Hart in a Submission Match at WrestleMaina 13.--

--After the match the show goes into a commercial break.--

--Commercial Break.--

--The show goes back into the area, with Rod Moore.--

Rod Moore: I hope u enjoy the classic match between Hart v. Austin from WrestleMaina 13 in a nasty Submission match.

Rod Moore: Overall its been a wonderful 2+ years of TNA Spotlight on My Network TV, but the format still the same on TNA Epics on April 1,2010, on Spike TV. Thanks for the love and support, whatever u do don't miss the start of a new era on Spike TV on 4/1/2010. I'm Rod Moore thank you so much on TNA Spotlight and I will be on Monday In Miami, FL for Warfare. Thank you and God Bless.

--TNA Spotlight airs the packages of the Moments including special guest like Dawn Maire, Sunny and others, as the show goes off the air.--

"TNA Spotlight being a wonderful journey and i will never forget the day as long I live forever thanks for the memories and thanks the love from the fans and family.