Wrestler Name: SYnn
Alliance: heel
Theme Music:"end ofeverything"
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 140 lbs

DOB: 04/16/89
Hometown:The Abyss
Finishing Maneuver: Degvirginizer(rear neck choke hold into a grapevine)
Signature: Sinned(Roll of the Dice)
BIO: Born without any parents she was put in a state adoption home in Austin,Texas she grew up watching wrestling on tv like any other child, she had a history of being arrested for assaulting people and drugs. She wanted something more. So she joined local independant circuits hoping to escape her violent drug past. it was in a oca Independant circuit she met a fellow who called himself "scyther" who taught her his way of wrestling. She slowly but surely learned and master his style of hardcore wrestling. It was only after she took the gimmick to far and assaulted him sending him back to Asylum.

Titles Held: