Hopper Rose
Alignment: Tweener/Heel
Pic Base: Eminem
Height: 6''1"
Weight: 243
Hometown: Mount Pearl, NL
Entrance Theme: "Pain" by Broken Code
Finisher(s): 1]Cut The Cord. (Top rope neck-breaker followed up by a roll-up Anaconda Vise) [2] Utter Destruction [Lifting high impact impaler DDT] ......... [1] Trails End (super kick) [2] Rock Bottom (muscle buster) [3] Toothless (stunner) [4] The Free Fall (frog splash) [5] Earache (pedigree) [6] Have Mercy (perfect plex) [7] The Sauce (Jeff Jarrett stroke [8] Stumpy Surprise (RKO) [9] I Saw That (kick in the balls) [10] FucT Up (clutching power bomb)
Manager / Marital Status: ????