Traci Brooks

The scene starts out in the lockeroom area in Hallway A. You see a shadow walking from down the hallway as the camera starts to zoom out as you see Traci Brooks walking down the hallway. She walks past the camera man as he slowly follows. When she gets to the end of the hallway she turns and goes towards the ring entrance area. As she's about to walk down the ramp she's runs into a man standing between her and the ramp entrance. She hesitates for a second and then looks up. As she looks up the scene fades as everyone seems somewhat puzzled at the fact she's here, but wondering who she bumped into.:

~As the scene then comes back on Traci Brooks then starts walking once again towards the curtains as you can hear a man behind her laughing. Her music starts to play as purplish pinkish pyros start to go off.

As she walks through the curtains she's astounded by the number of people within the crowd. At the top of the ramp she blows a kiss towards the crowd before making her way once again towards the ring. When down at the ring she climbs the ring steps and walks over towards the center before going between the second and third ropes. She gets a mic from the announcer outside of the ring and waits for the fans to calm down and get quiet~

Traci Brooks : So, I see all these women coming out here and as always making challenges, but not yet have I heard one made out to me, or maybe it's because they don't know I'm here. So just for all of you to know, Traci Brooks is here, and I'll guarantee you I'm back for good! Now, I came out here today to say one thing and that is the fact that I will be one of the best divas here in the TNA no matter what anyone of you thinks. I really couldn't care less of what anyone else thinks about me, because it doesn't matter one damn bit to me. Now, I know a lot of the women in the back are probably thinking that I look like easy competition, but you see you don't know anything until you step into the ring with Traci Brooks. I've seen a lot of the women around and I see that they're all somewhat talented and are all good in their own ways, but just the facts are I'm as good if not better than them all! I've seen Chyna, Stacy, Jackie the rest in the past few weeks in their matches or seen them around the arena and I don't believe I have much to worry about other than a little bit of competition. As far as that goes ladies, you know where to find me if you want to take up my challenge.

~*/:.The lights in the arena then start to dim and pink and purple pyros start to go off throughout the arena. Traci theme starts to once again play as the fans start to go crazy. She then drops the mic to the ring floor as she walks over to the ropes. She goes between the second and third ropes and jumps down to the arena floor. She stops at the beginning of the ramp and blows a kiss to her left and right before walking towards the backstage area. As she walks back behind the curtains she then starts to talk to herself.:\*~

Traci Brooks : So...they want to act as if they're in a whole different league than me? *She laughs and keeps a smirk on her face*They'll soon find out that's the biggest mistake when it comes to me.

~As she turns the corner Coach comes up from behind some backstage equiptment and starts to follow her~

Coach: Traci Brooks ! May I have a word with you on your return into the wrestling industry?

Traci Brooks : Well, of course Coach...but make it quick, I have some buisness to get to.

Coach: Well, what are your thoughts of being in the Jackie ?

Traci Brooks : Well Coach, to be honest I haven't seen either all of the women here in action, so I may be in for a big suprise as far as competition, but from what I've seen from the matches I've watched, none of the women here have anything over me as far as advantages.

Coach: How do you feel about the men, I mean do you have your eye on any of them?

Traci Brooks : I think Some of the men here seem pretty put together, but I can't answer that question, because I don't have my eye on any particular man here in the TNA , but don't worry whether I do or don't I'm here for good.

Coach: So, are you looking forward to your f match? .

Traci Brooks : What kind of question is that? I get ring action, don't I? Of course I'm ready for my first match. I'll go against Jackie , it won't matter to me, because I'll be in the ring, wrestling, something I haven't done in quite some time actually. For a long time I've been training, but finally I get to get back into that ring.

Coach: So, have you had any plans with anyone in the back as far as teaming up?

Traci Brooks : Aren't you the nosy one today Coach...As far as teaming up, I haven't had any plans with anyone much, but even if I do that's for people to know later, maybe I have, maybe I haven' never know, but I will tell you this if I do team with anyone they'll be up there in the rankings Coach, because you know my number one promise to the fans...I guarentee I will give them what they want, now if you'll excuse me, I have some buisness to get to.

~She then starts walking towards the lockeroom hallways, when she gets to where they seperate she goes down the men's lockeroom hallways as the scene fades~

.:>[End Of Role Play]<:.