#1 Chris Matthews -

#2 Strangler-

#3 Velvet Sky

#4 Madison Orton -

#5 Veda Scott-


July 14th, 2015
Come and Join a great federation today as we are currently looking for more people to join. The fed has been around a long time and isn't just start up federation. If you think you have what it takes to be the best in the business then sign the contract and lace up your boots.



Estadio Sixto Escobar
San Juan Puerto Rico

July 27th 2015
Estadio Sixto Escobar
San Juan Puerto Rico

Match 1

Brie n Nikki Jenkins vs Akexandra Brooks n Angel Orton

Match 2

Jennifer E vs Serenity

Match 3

Eclipse vs El Diablo

Match 4

Veda Scott n Summer Rae vs April Dimter n Veronica Rodriguez

Match 5

Samuel Stark vs Mayhem vs Red Dragon

Match 6

Leon McIntyre vs Roman Reigns

Main Event

If game don't show he is FIRED

Chris Matthews vs The Game vs Mike Dimter



Chris Mathews vs Strangler vs Scotty Paine

Rating Match - 95%
Reaction -95%
Rated Overall-98 %​
Winner - Chris Mathews


Randy Orton

Madison Orton

Madison Orton

Mike n Ashley Stone